I have sacrificed so much of myself in order to build something that can bring individuals together, and provide an accessible framework to daydream and speculate on all things Sci-Fi across the world, who might accidentally learn something. If you are new to The Fried Industry, I am a hopeless builder, crafter, and tinkerer. At this point, I can not do it alone, The Fried Industry deserves so much more, so I look forward to hearing from you!

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Want to help and get early access for free? Learn more and apply now to be a ProtoTester and join the private discord. Slots are limited for now.

ProtoTester Program

Nothing is for sale yet. Massive amounts of lore, written content, and the TFI card game’s Protoset will be available to print and play for free. ProtoTesters will not be expected to work or create content for the startup. They will be rewarded by the founder, Fry, with credits, digital products, early access, exclusive variants and signed concepts, prestige, and so on based on how they contribute. This is the best way to help the development.

Close enough that it could be a real possibility for humanity. Far enough out that human civilization ranks on the Kardashev Scale. All to have something accessible and something to do while fostering conversations of projected futurism.

A book series, a card game, each card with its own story, a full product stack of Sci-Fi Universe that you can try and give feedback during development. Free, to you, no strings, no peddling to ProtoTesters. Not something that has yet to be built, something that has and is being built.

This is where you come in, because it is time to break the game and finalize the first million words, in order to

Project The Fried Industry
Tinkering for OP-XP

Different Strokes

TFI is looking for a small group of dedicated individuals to join and help with at least one of the following:

*Integrate the five main program roles from this document I shared with you, in proper context with a brief intro: TFI Discord Data

I am finally getting ready to start getting some feedback and early testers for development. I have a Sci-Fi project that is a full product stack that I think The Fried Industry we are all a part of would really enjoy, and this first round of testers will get exclusive access to the alpha, as well as access to the private discord. No pay walls, no patreon or premium memberships, ProtoTesters will not be sold or peddled anything. Plus, a guarantee of credit as an alpha tester (ProtoTester), focus group member, and so on. Further, the current intent is to provide all digital products that are produced for the initial launch to this first group, as long as they meet the requirements by participating.

If you are interested in an entirely new Sci-Fi project that has, by the time you read this:

  • Reached 600,000 words in lore alone, and growing
  • A free to print and play card game with Megastructures and Terraforming, with lore and and/or stories for each.
  • A massive amount of free content
  • A knowledge base and resource center that will never be the community’s responsibility
  • Databases, infrastructure, and style guides galore.
  • Lots of books and episodes.
  • Something accessible to do on on break, on the Universal Waste Management System, or another screen while playing something else.
  • Been founded and developed by someone who has been a professional educator, college administrator, and business owner, with every aspect of the project having been heavily researched and verified by countless hours of reading and writing scholarly papers to truly nail its secret sauce…
  • Something with minimal hand waving, fully leveraging skills from past lives and occupations.
  • Lots of lore for each card
  • 512 cards drafted
  • Not made with AI
  • Not a video game, maybe one day

Let me know, and keep reading to learn more.

How to Apply

There is no specific number of slots available, and TFI will review applications regularly to expand with additional slots as the project develops. Currently, ProtoTesters are required to fill out an application, so that recruitment can understand what support and value you aim to bring to the program. Before submitting an application, please be sure to read its terms thoroughly.

If selected, failure to comply and maintain the terms in the application, the discord server’s rules, or the NDA and Non-Solicit agreement for the entirety of the ProtoTester program’s lifecycle will likely result in removal from the program, and suspension from official TFI events. The Fried Industry reserves the right to remove individuals from the program at any time and for any reason. Compensation for participation in The Fried Industry’s ProtoTester Program is never guaranteed.

If you agree to the ProtoTester Program’s terms and want to apply, fill out the application at this link:

What to Expect

Fill out an application > Chat with Founder > Sign an NDA and Non-Disclosure > Wait for Discord Invite

For those who are accepted into the ProtoTester program, congratulations! TFI is happy to have you as part of its growing team, and hopes to give you the opportunity to be heard throughout development of a Sci-Fi universe you are passionate about. Participants will be contacted via email and Discord to chat further. If verified after a chat with the Founder, the participant will receive an email to electronically sign the NDA and Non-Solicit documentation. Once that is complete, they will be invited to the private development server on Discord. Once the participant joins the Discord, they will receive unique program roles that they can change at any time.

As a ProtoTester, you will have access to redacted materials, new sets, new stories, and give feedback and ideas months before products are released. Based on the role(s) you are interested in, you will be communicating on a regular basis with the Founder, contract developers, and other ProtoTesters, filling out structured feedback forms.

This is for the earliest circle of individuals that does not mind theorycrafting or reading a story that is 90% polished. You will not be expected to work or create content for the startup, you will be rewarded with digital products, credits, prestige, and how you contribute. All you have to do is enjoy yourself and submit your ideas, as they come. If it makes it to print, which is the plan, the idea is for those who have contributed since the beginning to receive some exclusive product, but that reward system has not yet been determined. If now is not a good time to dive into a new Sci-Fi Universe to help make it better, that is fine, be sure to Wishlist Now to Subscribe to T.F.I.’s Newsletter mailing list and receive special updates on all new and upcoming cards, books, development, episodes, and launches. However, if you would like to learn more, please feel free to ask more questions to learn about the team I am putting together. Email your questions to thefriedindustry@gmail.com

Thank you for all of your support, and I intend to be as transparent as possible with the development, without creating a risk for the business or completely spoiling the plot. I have sacrificed so much of myself over the last year in order to build something that can bring individuals together, and provide an accessible framework to daydream and speculate on all things Sci-Fi across the world. At this point, I can not do it alone, it deserves so much more, so I look forward to hearing from you if you have not already applied!


Project The Fried Industry


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